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Having tooth pain? Know you have a deep cavity? Have you recently experienced facial trauma? You may be in need of endodontic therapy. At AMG Family Dentistry, endodontics is just one of our specialties. You'll get experienced root canal treatment with little pain so you can get back to living life.

Have tooth pain? Make an appointment to find the source.


Whether you've had tooth pain for a long time or have just recently begun to experience it, getting a root canal now can prevent more serious infections, such as abscesses, as well as more expensive treatment later on.


Let AMG Family Dentistry alleviate your pain with cutting edge root canal therapy designed to eliminate tooth pain for years.

Prevent future infections

Worried about the pain of endodontic therapy? Modern dental technology has evolved in recent years, making root canals far less painful than they once were.


Not only is the procedure relatively fast, but many patients feel hardly any pain at all after their procedure. Have questions about endodontics? Just give us a call for answers.

Gentle, experienced dentistry

If the root and pulp of your tooth has become infected because of deep decay or injury, a root canal can stop infection. You'll always receive proper diagnosis and treatment at AMG Family Dentistry.  

Know whether root canal treatment is right for you

Get to the root of your

dental problems

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